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Can you use PC with your eyes closed? The blind can, and they do!

posted Jan 1, 2012, 10:16 PM by Abhishek Syal
A quick visit at NAB, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, was an eye-opener! I had always asked myself: How do you teach navigating a computer screen to the blind ?
It seems unthinkable to me as to how a person who cannot see, can actually work on a screen based device...           
The method that they used is quite simple and innovative! The computer teacher, Mr. Mutthuraman at NAB (Natinal Association for the Blind), Chennai, told that they use a tactile diagram like the one in picture above to make the visually impaired students familiar with the computer screens!
The students share these tactile diagrams amongst themselves and they understand by touch, while the teacher explains about it. Having formed a basic understanding of such diagrams, they now go onto PC to learn about applications such as Word and Excel. They learn using audio assistive software JAWS.
 A R I S E 's volunteers have developed customized audio lectures of English grammar in local language across India, thus, aiding self-learning for blind. This has helped the blind students to understand English better, thus, making their working and learning on PC easier!